French Tech is both a national initiative that aims to “create a groundswell of support for the growth and influence of French start-ups in the digital economy” and a label awarded to metropolitan areas.

It rewards areas that are recognized for the dynamism of their digital resource pool.

It brings together all the key players in the area, from entrepreneurs to designers, investors, students, public-and private-sector stakeholders and citizens.


Drive innovation and support a sustainable digital industry

French Tech certification is first and foremost about being recognized as a dynamic, innovative territory. It also provides access to the “French Tech Accelerator Fund”. This €200 M investment fund aims to support the development of private start-up accelerators in France. These help businesses move from “start” to “up”, drive innovation and ensure the long-term viability of the digital sector.

Join a national network of excellence

The creation of a real network of “French Tech” certified hubs is a key tool for transforming France into a dynamic catalyst for digital as well as biotech, medtech and cleantech start-ups. The Aix-Marseille, Bordeaux, Grenoble, Lille, Lyon, Nantes, Montpellier, Rennes and Toulouse ecosystems were the first to be awarded the label, in November 2014.

Contribute to France’s international influence

French Tech’s ambition is to export the “French Touch” outside France. The challenge of going international is twofold: becoming an attractive destination for foreign start-ups and investment and enabling young French businesses to operate in the international arena. The game is already on: almost 25% of the start-ups at the Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show in 2015 were French! A first step towards recognition of our know-how when it comes to innovation.



The Loire Valley: land of innovation

Today, the Loire Valley is positioning itself as an Industry Lab, a place for innovation and experimentation at the national and international level. Often described as a land of “Early Adopters”, the Loire Valley can already lay claim to some major innovations that were first developed in the area, including McDonald’s terminals, Linky electricity meters, the Monéo payment system and more. Soon, the connected greenhouses on the Agreen Tech Valley campus will be testing out agriculture 3.0.

Fields of expertise

As an innovative, entrepreneurial territory, the Loire Valley focuses on a number of recognised fields of expertise, including connected objects, bespoke industrial developments, agriculture 3.0, ecotechnology, biomedicines, e-tourism and social innovation. The diversity and complementarity of its areas of specialisation are one of the strengths of the Loire Valley.


Our territory is full of highly innovative young businesses. The spirit of cooperation that exists between them but also with various other stakeholders, such as investors, institutions and citizens, is the cement that creates a strong ecosystem. Major groups, such as Hitachi and Orange, are happy to support and back the promising entrepreneurial ventures in the Loire Valley.


Planning where our territory will be in 10 years’ time is a major project. French Tech Loire Valley has set itself the goals of:

  • creating over 6,000 jobs,
  • attracting over 40,000 tourists a year,
  • validating over 500 innovations on the basis of public-private-citizen partnerships and increasing funding raised,
  • implementing alternative funding mechanisms,
  • creating four accelerators.
AgglO Orléans Val de Loire

Key figures


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People in the urban area

"In the realm of ideas, everything depends on enthusiasm. In the real world, all rests on perseverance."
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Innovation spaces



Key players in the digital economy will be taking up residence at the Lab’O, on the banks of the Loire in Orléans. Designed by architect Jean Tschumi, the building was previously home to some of the big names in the pharmaceutical industry, notably Sandoz and Famar.

In the first quarter of 2016, businesses, start-ups, associations, project holders and a web school will be moving into the Lab’O’s 14,000 m² to develop their activities and access financial support.

Lab’O is unique in that it offers space for both service and industrial activities.



Lieu-totem in Tours

Ranked in the inventory of Historical Monuments, the building of 14,500 m² has been a very qualitative rehabilitation under the guidance of architect Franklin Azzi. It hosts since September 2015 Ecole Supérieure des Beaux Arts. Forty startups and companies are already installed in this exceptional place. Major national groups have also set up an office.
Finally, “Mame” will bring together a hundred companies. They will benefit from all the services an entrepreneur may need: operational, administrative and logistical support, personal support development by experts and mentors from major companies, collective entertainment ecosystem, access to privileged financing … And above all open spaces for the sharing of expertise.
Mame yesterday symbol of printing today is that of digital.



BPI France

Media kit

This communications kit is designed exclusively to promote the French Tech Loire Valley approach.

Its aim is to provide consistent communications about French Tech Loire Valley and promote its identity. The use of these tools is strictly regulated to ensure that they are not used by businesses, products or services that might harm our shared image.

The French Tech Loire Valley logo consists of:

  •     The name: “French Tech Loire Valley”
  •     The symbol: the chateau
  •     The creative design: origami and colour code

You are welcome to use it if:

  • You are a member of the French Tech Loire Valley community, i.e. one of the stakeholders in the start-up ecosystem: entrepreneurs, developers, designers, investors, bloggers, etc. and you share the values and spirit of French Tech Loire Valley.
  • You (whether you are business, association, local authority, etc.) are backing a project that fosters the French Tech Loire Valley approach. You can use the logo to contribute to the growth and/or influence of the ecosystem.
  • You are anyone else (individuals, institutions, businesses, etc.) who wants to support the French Tech Loire Valley initiative and its development.

For further information about the logo, contact the Tour(s)plus communications department at: e.steward@agglo-tours.fr or l’AgglO’ Val de Loire at fbonvoisin@agglo-orleans.fr.

Download the Media Kit
  • November 2016 – Web Summit Participation Lisbon.  Download (En)
  • June 2016 – MAME launching. Download (Fr)
  • January 2016 – 2016 FTLV program – Signing agreement with Orange. Download (Fr)
  • June 2015 – French Tech Loire Valley, la mobilisation est intacte. Download
  • June 2015 – Premières rencontres French Tech Loire Valley. Download
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